Can Alkan
Can Alkan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor @ Dept. of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University
PI, Lab for Bioinformatics & Computational Genomics

Department of Computer Engineering
Bilkent University
Engineering Building, EA-509
Bilkent, Ankara 06800

    : @calkan_cs, @BilkentCompGen
    : @calkan_cs

Note: I don't use phones. Email me instead.

Motivated graduate students wanted. Contact me if you are interested in computational genomics.
Contact me for implementation based projects for undergraduate students and summer interns or check out the CS490 web page.

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Vita: PDF

Public calendar


Postdoctoral Fellow, Genome Sciences at University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA, October 2005 to December 2011
                            Supervisor: Prof. Evan E. Eichler
Ph.D.,  Computer Science, at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA, August 2005
                            Supervisor: Prof. Cenk Şahinalp
B.Sc.,  Computer Science, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, May 2000

Research Interests
I am a combinatorial algorithmicist who likes 4-letter alphabets.I work on:


***All students who want to ask me to be their supervisor in the CS491 Senior Project Design should read my rules here before contacting me.***





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