1. (Sep 13) The course page is online.
  2. (Sep 28) MWE1 is on Oct-13.
  3. (Oct 30) MWE2 is on Nov-3.


Section 1 Cevdet Aykanat
Lectures: Tue 08:30-10:20, Thu 13:30-15:20 (EA-Z03)
Office Hours: By appointment

Section 2 Cevdet Aykanat
Lectures: Tue 13:30-15:20, Fri 08:30-10:20 (EB-204)
Office Hours: By appointment

Section 3 E. Kartal Tabak
Lectures: Mon 10:30-12:20, Wed 15:30-17:20 (EE-03)
Office Hours: By appointment

Teaching Assistants

Text Book






L1 Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms Chapters 1 & 2
L2 Asymptotic Notation Chapter 3
L3 Solving Recurrences Chapter 4
L4 The Divide-and-Conquer Design Paradigm Chapters 2 & 4
L5 Quicksort Chapter 7
L6a Analysis of Quicksort Chapter 7
L6b Randomized Quicksort Chapter 7
L7 Medians and Order Statistics Chapter 9
L8 Heapsort Chapter 6
L9 Sorting in Linear Time Chapter 8
L10 Dynamic Programming (Updated) Chapter 15
L11 Greedy Algorithms Chapter 16
L12a Amortized Analysis Chapter 17
L12b Dynamic Tables Chapter 17

Grading Policy

Mid-Week Exams (MWE): 50%
Midterm exam: 25%
Final exam: 25%

In order to be able to take the final exam, a student must

Otherwise, the student will receive the FZ grade.