Processor Design for Graph Applications



Prof. Ozcan Ozturk

MS. Student Gulce Pulat

MS. Student Mehmet Ali Semi Yenimol

MS. Student Pouria Hasani

Funding: Funded by Tubitak

Duration: 2020 2023




Parallel Systems and Architecture Laboratory (PSA) of Computer Engineering Department focuses on research in Parallel Systems, Architectures, and Programming. Significant increase in data sizes in real world applications has been the motivation of developing scalable data intensive algorithms for several years. Parallel programming paradigms are the key to achieve high performance while being able to mine huge datasets.


The aim of this project is to design a processor architecture that will run large datasets on irregular graphs quickly, efficiently and in an easily programmable fashion. Most of the studies previously presented for graph applications are only at the software or accelerator level, and the processor-level designs are different from the processor to be introduced for this project in terms of hardware cost, required architectural support, and instruction set modifications.