CS 473/573 - Algorithms I

Due to covid-19 outbreak, lectures and exams will be online. Please refer to the Distance Learning and Assessment Guidelines shared by the Instructor for any course information. Do not use this web page any longer!

Semester:     Spring, 2019-2020
Text Book:   T. H. Cormen, C. E. Leiserson, R. L. Rivest, and C. Stein, Introduction to Algorithms, Mit Press and McGraw-Hill, 2009.
Instructor:Ugur Dogrusoz (EA522)
Assistants:   M. Ozan Karsavuran (EA505), Nabil Abubaker (EA505), Mustafa Duymus (EA507)
Syllabus:     2020 Spring Syllabus

Lecture Hours:
Section 1: Classroom: B-Z05  Wednesday 08:40-10:30,  Friday 10:40-12:30
Section 2: Classroom: B-Z02  Tuesday 10:40-12:30,  Friday 08:40-10:30

Office Hours:
Ugur Dogrusoz: Tuesday 09:30-10:30, Wednesday 10:30-11:30 Weekly Schedule
Ozan Karsavuan: Wednesday 13:30 - 14:30
Nabil Abubaker: Thursday 13:30 - 14:30
Mustafa Duymus: Monday 14:00 - 15:00

Check this page regularly for announcements.

Note that all midweek exams are open book,
but all other resources are strictly forbidden (including course slides and personal notes).
Your books must be CLEAN. Proctors will check your books during the exam and
ANY written notes will be considered as cheating.
If your book is old (bought or borrowed from another person), it is your responsibility
to check every page of the book and clean any existing notes before entering the midweek exam.
Midterm and final exams are closed books/slides.

Midweek exam #2: March 2, 17:40
    Divide and Conquer Design Paradigm (Lecture 04)
    Quicksort (Lecture 05)
    Analysis of Quicksort (Lecture 06a)
    Randomized Quicksort (Lecture 06b)
Exam rooms according to last name:
  EE-03: Abdulkhaligli - Kaynak
  EE-04: KiliÁ - Zerener

Midweek Exam #1: Febuary 17, 17:40 - 19:20
    Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms (Lecture 01)
    Asymptotic Notation (Lecture 02)
    Solving Recurrences (Lecture 03)


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