CS 473/573 - Algorithms I

Semester:     Fall, 2019-2020
Text Book:   T. H. Cormen, C. E. Leiserson, R. L. Rivest, and C. Stein, Introduction to Algorithms, Mit Press and McGraw-Hill, 2009.
Instructor:Cevdet Aykanat
Assistants:   M. Ozan Karsavuran (EA505), Nabil Abubaker (EA505), Mustafa Duymus (EA507)
Syllabus:     2019 Fall Syllabus

Lecture Hours:
Section 1: Classroom: EE-412  Tuesday 09:40-10:30,  Thursday 13:40-15:30
Section 2: Classroom: EE-412  Tuesday 10:40-12:30,  Thursday 15:40-16:30

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Midweek exams are open books, closed notes/slides.
Midterm and final exams are closed books/slides.


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