The i-Vis Research Lab conducts or particaptes in following projects and tools:
NewtA free, web based, open source viewer and editor for pathways in SBGN
PathwayMapperAn interactive and collaborative graphical curation tool for cancer pathways
Methods and Tools for Effective Analysis of Biological Processes with SBGN Diagrams
cBio PortalNetwork views in
ChiBEChisio BioPAX Editor
CytoscapeCompound support for and Cytoscape.js
ChisioCompound or Clustered Graph Visualization Tools
PVS - VISIBIOwebPathway Visualization Services

The lab is also involved in community projects such as BioPAX (Biological Pathways Exchange) and SBGN (Systems Biology Graphical Notation).

Projects completed by the Lab in the past include:
[2006-2009]PVS - VISIBIOweb (Pathway Visualization Services)
[2006-2014]Chisio (Compound or Clustered Graph Visualization Tools)
[2002-2011]PATIKA - Pathway Analysis Tool for Integration and Knowledge Acquisition
[2000-2001]Complexity Management Techniques in Graph Visualization Cntd.
[2000]Complexity Management Techniques in Graph Visualization