1. Online application becomes active (November-December). All undergraduate students will receive the announcement email through DAIS (Erasmus and Swiss exchange only).
  2. Students complete their application online, then submit printed, signed form to the department secretary (Erasmus and Swiss exchange only).
  3. Erasmus/exchange coordinators complete the placements and students are notified. Most students will likely be placed in waiting list due to limited exchange quotas.
  4. Any student that wishes to cancel or "dislikes" their placement will notify the coordinators AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Such students will be placed to the waiting bin. NO RESHUFFLING OF INITIAL PLACEMENTS WILL BE MADE.
  5. Coordinators will nominate the students to their host universities a few months before their mobility period begins.
  6. The host university sends application links to the student. Some universities may send the link to the coordinators, who then forward to the students.
  7. The students apply to their respective host institutions.
  8. Outgoing students are required to observe previously accepted/rejected courses in their respective assigned host university, and make a list of courses they wish to take. Then:
  10. Mobility starts at the host institution. In case the pre-approved courses could not be taken due to schedule conflict or prerequisites, the student immediately emails the coordinators and proposes alternative courses. Pre-approval form is amended as necessary. The Faculty Administration Committee do not discuss the amendment, therefore the transfer is not  "guaranteed" unless the changed course was previously accepted in an earlier semester.
  11. Student finishes their studies. The official transcript will be sent by the host organization to the Bilkent International Students Office, then forwarded to the coordinators.
  12. The coordinators prepare final course transfer form based on the official transcript and the pre-approval status of the courses. NO STEPS TO BE TAKEN BY THE STUDENT AT THIS STAGE.
  13. The coordinators submit the course transfer list to the Faculty Administration Committee for final approval.
  14. The Faculty Administration Committee sends the list of transferable courses to the student services.
  15. Mobility program is complete.

For non-Erasmus, non-European exchange programs, the procedure applies except for the application time and the selection process to be handled by the Bilkent International Students Office.